Module 1 - Reading List & Useful Websites

The following include books that are helpful for doctors planning to become GP Trainers. It is not exhaustive and familiarity with at least 2 texts on consultation skills is recommended.

  • The New Consultation: Developing doctor-patient communication. D Pendleton et al
  • The Doctor’s Communication Handbook. P. Tate
  • Skills for Communicating with Patients. J Silverman et al
  • Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine. S Kurtz et al
  • The Inner Consultation. R. Neighbour
  • The Inner Apprentice. R. Neighbour
  • The Condensed Curriculum Guide: for GP Training and new MRCGP. B Riley et al
  • The GP Training Handbook. P Middleton
  • A Handbook for Medical Teachers. Newble & Cannon
  • ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine.Cantillon& Wood

Useful Websites

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