Allocated Quarters Guidance

Allocated Quarters

In order for Appraisers to be able to manage their workload appraisals need to be distributed evenly throughout the year, you will be given an Allocated Quarter (AQ) upon registering with MARS. This is a 3-month period during which you must have your appraisal, and is usually based upon your last appraisal date. The AQs are: January – March, April – June, July – September, and October – December. This can be found in the first box in the Appraisal Information.

AQ image1

You are assigned an Allocated Quarter within which you are required to undertake your appraisal. If there are extenuating circumstances which will prevent you doing so you may request to change your Appraisal Quarter, this process is explained below.

Changing your AQ

There is a button on MARS for you to request to change your Allocated Quarter – this can be located on the Appraisal Information page in the top left, and is illustrated in the image below:

 AQ image2


If you press the Change AQ button – this box will appear. Here you can request to change your AQ – please select the appropriate quarter from the options available, a reason must be entered for your request to be submitted for review. You will be notified by email if your request is successful or not.













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